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Production Technician

Job Code: #684
Job Type: Contract
Salary: $19.50 - $19.50/hour
Job Location: Sturtevant, WI
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Job Description

Job Title:  Production Technician 

Pay:  $18.00 - $19.50 

Job Overview:  Work at manufacturing sites and in a clean room assisting with  the production of particles for the company's core product. Duties include set up, production, testing, and/or adjust manufacturing equipment.  This position also provides cross departmental support in Production/Packaging or other areas. 

Particle Manufacturing Processing:  Perform all functions related to particle manufacturing, including but not limited to:

  • Work order kit review (during and post production)
  • Chemical reactions, including handling of chemicals
  • Diafiltration
  • Decanting, centrifuging, reslurry/sonication
  • Sonicating, sieving and tumble washing
  • Labeling and packaging
  • Preparing samples for Quality analysis
  • Process various R & D product samples following protocols, engineering studies and/or manufacturing documentation.
  • SAP transactions, confirming work orders, batch/process label creation, inventory transactions, and consumable replenishment. 

Equipment Set-Up and Operation: Operate equipment related to particle manufacturing and processing, including but not limited to:  Glass reactors, charge pots, filtration systems, scales, centrifuges, reslurry/sonication tanks, pumps, sieves, screen cleaners, sonicators, tumblers, drying ovens, mixers and chart recorders.

Cleaning & Sanitization:  Perform daily, monthly and semi-annual janitorial and microbial cleaning of controlled areas, cleanrooms and other manufacturing/lab areas.  Sanitize and clean processing tools, components and equipment.  Handle and dispense chemicals for cleaning and sanitization with required PPE.

GMP/GDPZ:  Perform all required Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Documentation Practices (GDP) per all Standard Operational Procedures and Manufacturing Instructions.

Inventory Control:  Responsible for labeling, storage, and movement of materials in-process.  Responsible for consumable replenishment for in-process locations.   Perform inventory control of warehouse, as needed.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Previous experience working in a Production/Manufacturing area.
  • Experience with mixing chemicals.
  • Previous GMP experience preferred.
  • Must be able to operate industrial vehicle (lift/fork truck) to move material, as requested by management. 
  • When certified by Department Training Coordinator, provide training for approved operations.