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Pinpoint Pharma is here to make sure that you have the resources available to you during your employment. Below you will find information regarding your payroll, benefits, and onboarding support as well as additional information on how you can earn money by referring a friend! If you have additional questions which are not answered here, please email us directly at


Payroll & W-2

Access your pay stubs and W-2 information online.


Pinpoint Pharma offers benefits for you during your assignment.

Referral Program

Referral Program

Refer friends and earn rewards! For every referral you make that leds to a successful hire, you could be eligible to earn up to $500.

Onboarding Support

We are here to help get you ready for your first day.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We are excited to offer our contractors a completely paperless onboarding process! Once you have accepted your offer, you will receive an invitation to complete your pre-employment paperwork online. Your recruiter will continue to work closely with you in order to make sure you are ready for your first day in your new role and can answer any client specific questions you may have.


We ask each of our employees to make sure they contact their recruiter, as well as the client, whenever they are going to be absent from work. However, each client has their own process in how to best handle an absence from work, which your recruiter will outline for you before your first day.

We are proud of our success rate in having our employees converted to permanent employees during their assignments, but each company is different in their timelines to conversion. Your recruiter can provide this information to you based on the role you are applying for.


Our payroll provider, ADP, offers an online platform from which you are able to access your paystubs.

To access this information, first log into the ADP website by clicking here.

  • Enter in your username and password.
  • Note – if you need access to your user name and password, let us know by submitting a request here.
  • On the left side of the screen click on PAY.
  • All pay stubs will be listed here for you to download.
  • On the right side of the page will be your available W-2 statements.

Each client maintains a different time keeping system. Your recruiter will be able to provide you with more information before your first day. Remember, timecards are due each Monday following the end of the payroll period. Timecard due dates are included in the payroll calendar in your onboarding packet.

In your onboarding packet you will receive the most recent payroll calendar, which will let you know when you can expect to receive your first paycheck.

In most cases, direct deposit shows up on payroll dates outlined in our payroll calendar, however, some banks operate differently than others. If you do not receive your paycheck on the date indicated on the payroll calendar, please let us know by reaching out to your recruiter, or submitting a request to our HR team by clicking here. We are happy to look into the issue for you.


Yes! We offer a variety of plans to our contractors. Benefit information is provided to you during your onboarding process, which outlines the plans that are offered in more detail. Please reach out to your recruiter for more information.