January 19, 2023

Answering the dreaded salary question

"What are your salary expectations?" We have all been asked this question at one time or another when looking for a new job. How do you answer this question? Giving a number that's too high may knock you out of the running, but giving a number that's too low can be just as bad.

Working with a recruiter is an open and transparent process, especially during this conversation. As your advisor, we will tell you what the range is from the start so there is no guessing game. You can feel comfortable having an open and honest conversation with our recruiters about your salary requirements to make sure that you find the best opportunity at market rates.

However, if you are navigating this landmine on your own, we want to provide you with resources to be prepared on how to respond when this question is asked.

Read the full article here published by TopResume and remember, our recruiters are here to help too!

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