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Food Scientist

Job Code: #614
Job Type: Contract To Hire
Salary: $22.00 - $24.00/hour
Job Location: Elgin, IL
Posted 17 hrs ago

Job Description

Job Title:  Food Application Scientist

Pay:  $22.00 - $24.00 per hour

Job Overview:   Responsible for carrying out experimental work at the bench under the direction of the immediate supervisor.
  • Developing new finished Food product applications for enzymes that maintains or increases company sales.
  • Designing new enzyme applications for food products and processes based on known principles for food science and product development.
  • Modifying and improving food product applications for customers’ existing recipes.
  • Resolving food ingredient interaction issues with enzymes.
  • Works on projects at the laboratory bench or pilot plant for 75% of workday.
  • Oversees laboratory and pilot plant and reports issues with instrumentation, equipment, and safety to supervisor.
  • Responsible for entire food product development process for new AEU enzyme blended products from initial phase through final commercialization phase.
  • Follows GMP and SQF requirements through the company’s quality management system.
  • Collaborates with customers on improving their product recipes and processes.
  • Carries out experimentation to implement product application opportunities at the bench under direction of direct supervisor or other designated personnel.
  • Responsible for all pilot plant development processes within company facilities, at co-packer, customer or outside lab facilities.
  • Master's in Food Science or Chemistry required.
  • Experience with pH and Spectrometer.
  • Previous experience in the food industry desireable.